21.10.2000 III. International Competition of breeded dogs - German Sheep Dogs

09.06. 2001 Kynologic Competition of Zobor- VI. Year of C.C.I.T, which was also organized as a Nominal Competition for the World Championship in dogs performance. It was performed in accordance with the international order of IPO-1,IPO-3.There were 44 contesters. Mr Anton Kondé and his dog called Pascha GA-TA (2,5 years old dog) paricipated in IPO-1.They showed very nice efficiency and they got 260 points,the 6-th place

21 - 22.07. 2001 Vrbové GRAND PRIX of the magazine Kynology Revue: IPO-3-:C.A.C.I.T, IPO-1. The most prestigional competition in Slovakia. There were 80 dogs registered from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Belgic. Mr Anton Kondé and his dog Pascha participated in IPO-1,the 5th place, 271 points
( scent 96b, obedience 84b, defence 91b )

29 - 30.09. 2001 The General Specific Exhibition of German Sheep Dogs. The class of adult - dogs: Pascha VD-5. The referee was Mr. Niszler from Germany

13 - 14.10. 2001 Veresegyház Hungary.  The International Competition - C.A.C.I.T. Mr. Kondé (starting number 12) and Pascha Ga - Ta won the 2-th place of path finder and 3-rd place of defence.  (scent - 95p.,obedience - 90p., defence - 93p.)                           


03 - 04.11. 2001 Mogyorád - The Championship of Hungarian Club of German Sheep Dogs MNJK. Anton Kondé with his dog Pascha took in IPO-1 4-th place.

27 - 28.04. 2002 The Competition for qualification for progress to the World Championship WUSV and FCI - SchH 3 in Chorvátskom Grobe - Elizabeth Kevelyová and PASCHA Ga - Ta (owner is Mr. Anton Kondé ) the 8-th place and the prize for the best obedience - 98 points.

25 - 26.05. 2003 The Championship of Slovak Republic in performance of German Sheep Dogs - SchH 3 - Bardejov - Elizabeth Kevelyová with dog PASCHA Ga - Ta ( owner Mr. Anton Kondé ) - the 9-th place

28 - 29.09. 2003 The International Competition and The Memorial of Jaroslav Lisoň- the title CACIT , IPO 3 - Kežmarok - Elizabeth Kevelyová and PASCHA Ga - Ta (owner is Mr. Anton Kondé ) - 5-th place.

 3.-5.06.2005 Vrbové GRAND PRIX-Vežká cena magazínu Kynologická Revue:



28.-29.2006 CACIT Oros Cupa Hungaria